most memorable day of your school life.

November 28, 2008 9:40am CST
you must have come across many memorable times in your school life.but among those days which one was most memorable which you can't forget.on remembering that day even now you start smiling.why not to share it rather than to keep it to let's share your experience with that a smile could come even on my and all readers smile.let's enjoy discussion here.
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@Zezlol (409)
• United Arab Emirates
28 Nov 08
It was French class and I was writing in pen. I made a small mistake and needed whiteout so I asked my friend, Zezloler, if I could borrow hers. It turned out that the whiteout was broken. I struggled opening it and it broke in half after a few seconds. It splattered everywhere. o_o One of my other friends was sitting next to me and it got all over her arm. Trying to be nice - while forcing myself to hold back laughter - I asked if she was okay. She looked up at me and pointed at my head, then burst out laughing. Confused, I asked her what she was laughing at and she answered with, "Look at your hair!". So I did. It was covered in whiteout.
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@armrd829 (74)
• Singapore
30 Nov 08
this was my most memorable day in secondary school, because that was the day I met my best friend. I met her on the 1st day in my 2nd year studying away from my hometown. Since it was the 1st day of sch, I felt so gloomy and home-sick. But there sitting on the parade square (where we used to assemble in the morning) was a girl whom I was quite sure came from my own hometown too. Then I gathered my courage to approach this fair-skinned, cheerful-looking girl. Since then we become closer to each other and till now she's still my dearest friend. She has always said if I had not made the move to approach her, maybe we wouldn't be friends now. Thinking about it never fails to make me feel grateful and contented.
@mahiul (6)
• India
29 Nov 08
hey really most memorable day is..... the day i started my school,i was too much nervous how to go there how to face all those guys.but over all i overcame and got confidence.
• United States
28 Nov 08
The most memorable day for me was when i graduated!! Because i had neglected my qualifications and i was so nervous awaiting the outcome of my finals exams lol and thanks God everything went very well for me :D and i passed my classes without any problems!! It was a very beautiful night i really enjoy that day with my family and with all my friends. And i will never forget it :). Have a nice day and a very good weekend ;) see you soon and bye bye. P.D Welcome to my lot !!!
• New Zealand
28 Nov 08
Well, my most memorable day in school will obviously be the "farewell" day. Its the day where you talk even to your enemy. And its the moment where the school life ends. We enjoyed a lot in school and its the end and each one is going to go to different ends. So its the last day we probably meet some of our friends. So the school farewell day is the most memorable day for me and one of the greatest moment in life as well.