poinsettia plants and dog's

@max1950 (2313)
United States
November 28, 2008 1:03pm CST
The season is here again and the plant's are everywhere,although it's been recently proven that the plant's are not poisonous to the dog's the sap of the plant is an irritant if chewed.So,if your little bowser starts shaking his or her head,foaming at the mouth,running around like never before wipe the sap off of the mouth and paws and call the vet because ole sparky might need some pepto.This is the most recent finding i came across as my little beauty is a muncher.
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28 Nov 08
I've heard for years that poinsetta plants can be fatal to pets; both dogs and cats, if they eat the leaves or the flowers. I didn't know it would only make them sick. Did you confirm this with your vet? I'd really like to know, as my kitties like to chew and nibble, so I've been afraid to have a poinsetta, unless I put it up very high. I hope your little beauty stays away from them. Happy holidays.