The Panamanian golden frog waves goodbye for the last time!

November 28, 2008 4:55pm CST
For those who don't know the Panamanian golden frog was an extremely rare and beautiful little frog that communicated with each other via a wave of the hand/front foot.However due to the development of a dangerous fungal disease occurring in their environment many were wiped out of existence and any survivors were taken into the care of scientists. I actually saw this BBC program a few years ago and found it very upsetting as I am a huge frog lover Does anybody else seems the extinction of such unique and beautiful animals a tragedy? The spreading of the fungus will also lead to the extinction of many other amphibians some which haven't even been discovered yet.These creatures could aid humanity in cures for diseases yet little attention is being given to these species.
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@Unah08 (671)
• Philippines
6 Dec 08
I'm not that of a frog-lover actually, cause honestly I'm very much terrified when I see one especially those toads that have massive features, but my interest in them comes in a sort of a weird kind of way cause I don't want the real-live frog but I have a collection of any kinds of stuff toys of frogs which I like the most, my excitement when I'm able to find one (cause its very rare to find a toy-frog in the stores lately)is overwhelming. Well anyway back to the discussion of the extinction, although I'm not fond of them (the live ones) I'm still saddened to hear such news and felt sorry that this kind of tragedies is happening, authorities attention should be called in order for them to stop this kind of wrongdoings to endangered species such as the Panamanian golden frog.