what if the guy of dream make a proposal on you?!

@cathya (705)
November 28, 2008 7:52pm CST
has it ever happened to you that the guy of your dream proposed to you? I have a big crush on one of my schoolmate and it just so happen that we have common friend so have the chance to get acquainted. We became friends with out me telling him that i had a big crush on him. To my surprise he asked me if he could court me, well of course i allowed him. But on the process of courtship, i feel that i don't want him to be my boyfriend i just don't know why. So i decide to tell him that it would be better if we remain as friends, he respect my decision. Until now were friends and occasionally we see each other. if your crush propose to you would you grab the opportunity or would you turn him down?
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@bellebads (741)
• Philippines
29 Nov 08
i would love the idea if my crush would court me but still i have to take into consideration his personality and our compatibility before accepting his proposal. if he passed my qualification then why not.
@SHAMRACK (8532)
• India
29 Nov 08
Dear friend, I hope it would be better to accept that proposal moreover if it a success, that would be luck to marry a person one loves. Hope the proposal should be given top priority and more can be known if it is accepted and if better the relationship could be continued.
@aisaellis22 (6449)
• United States
29 Nov 08
Oh my! It happened to me and now we are married. Eversince I was a kid I dreamed to marry white skinned man. So when I met him online, he then proposed to me and of course, when he came here we got married.