CREWBUX...What do YOU Reckon ???

New Zealand
November 28, 2008 10:05pm CST
Guys a while ago, (no not that long ago)I subscribed to Hoping to make a few extra "pingers" and make this kiwi family just that little bit better as a hard time increasingly approaches. Now firstly, I registered and continued to click on ads as per shown, THEN I got one refferal..from where? who knows? but he/she is there!(well actually no they arent as they havent clicked since God became fullback for the ALl Blacks!) All of a sudden things begin to go downhill, and Crewbux ends up with a new owner. Tis fair enough that the new owner state and /or input new rules, however LACK OF COMMUNICATION SHOULD NOT BE ONE OF THEM !!! The last post I had in thew above sites forum was about the injustice that was being performed by the new T.O.S which stated that if one wanted instant payment then one had to UPGRADE or invest at least HALF of their earnings to ensure payment! ALL those that did NOT invest...would have to wait...until whenever for payout! To MY mind....THAT POLICY SUCKS! To my mind bullying is something that effects ALL of us, not just our children and the New TOS from Crewbux came across as just that Bullying, THAT I cannot and will not tolerate! As I try and try again to reach the Crewbux site today I am met yet again with nothing but "server error" Has this site met its maker? Or Have a bunch of plebs taken alot of us and our wallets for a ride? Your Views? Quite simply I'm just a a Dad of 3 trying to make just that lil bit more by clicking and posting here and there, but I'll be damned if I'll be told to invest half now or wait forever for any payment that may be due! That sounds to me like blackmail, bad business and indeed it is not in any form good business practice, if anything its just theft! Your Views are welcome!
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