Bigger than the other. Please Help!

@Cerego (117)
United States
November 28, 2008 10:23pm CST
Back in July, within the last two or three days of the month, I was playing tennis with my cousin and a friend of hers. Well I guess I was attempting to be more agile than my body would allow, because I fell, I didn't trip, I just fell. My whole foot was swollen, not just my ankle. I went to the emergency room and I was told I didn't have any fractures but they classified it as a massive sprain (or high ankle sprain). I was only given pain pills and crutches, which I was on a little over 7 days. It hurt to even place my foot on the ground. I couldn't do anything without the crutches. It hurt to even hop from one place to the other I got a little depressed (I had never been immobile in my life). The reason I just wrote all that is this: my ankle is still bigger than the other (not swollen, just noticably bigger) and in the mornings it is stiff, I try to rotate it whenever I think about it. But I don't understand why it is bigger than the other if I didn't break or fracture anything. My father told me it is because I won't stay off of it, it is still inflamed on the inside. But I can't stay off of it because I have to go to school, and do other things. Any suggestions? Sorry I wrote so much!
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