Travelling India And Its Plessure Tressure, Monuments, Religion, Places, History

November 28, 2008 11:59pm CST
India and its history catch people from wide of the world and all around the places. People from different countries and different religions came here to see and explore the history of a historical and religious india. From time to time many travellers came to experience and visualise the strong and meditative india.Having a thousands years of past india still believe in religion even science don't let it down here. People of india are not poor but they want to remain simple in them. They live a respective life in them and believe that respect giving make a hard and cruel kind and good. India from past to now known for it culture and well behaviour. But somehow unidentical elements from around the world wants to make it down at their foot but indian people always let them try hard because they will never loose to terrorism and cruality.
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• India
1 Dec 08
ya ur so correct man..only our country has gat diff religions,big history..and lot more to learn. origin oh yoga india,,herbal medicine india, so many things proud to be an indian