New PTC -

November 29, 2008 12:58am CST
nowadays daily too many PTS's are growing up and also we see many are falling down.. today when i clicked the ads for taketheglobe, i visited this site. i just joined today and i cannot say how much trusty this one is.. but my mind alerted me to join this site and now iam the 254th member for this site. yes.. this site is newly launched and has very few members.. even scam sites pay for its users in the beginning.. so make hay while the sunshines.. i am not meaning this site is a scam.. also i cannot strongly recommend this one for others. but clickers who are in search of new ptc's.. can have a try here. whoever wish to join under me, can write raghul77ster in the referrer box. one important thing.. please fill the forms correctly.. because once if you wrong filled any, you should write from the first, again.. minimum payout is 5 dollars here.. and i clicked 7 ads today, which gave me 7 cents. Good luck!
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