my life is a secret

@specific (156)
South Korea
November 29, 2008 1:46am CST
I am a plain girl.Everything just goes well every day.I am a student who is very introverted,so i am not bold enough to talk to strangers.My image to most of the people is a shy girl.When i got into secondary school,i study very hard.My classmates admired me,but i am also not confident enough to talk to them.My techers think i am a shy syudent.As time go ,I realized the shortcomings .But i am shy when talking with male,it is very hard to change.Bacause when i am at home,i seldom talk to my father.Life goes like this, and 3years later i found a secret.My father is not my real father.My parents devorced when i was i year old,at that time i do not know anything.When i got to the reality,i was extremly sad.And soon i met my father in a restaunt.My father give me his phone nomber,so we can get in touch with each other in messages.When my tather is free,would drive to meet me.After i meet my father some times ,i get closed with my father.In my mind ,my father is everything,i love my father.Now i am in rorea,i call my father every day.Every time i phone my father ,his vorce bring me a lot of happiness.I cherish the hope that i can keep good relathionship with my father.
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@Daunt02 (19)
• United States
29 Nov 08
That is beautiful. I am glad you were able to reconcile your relationship with your biological father. That is an important process for any young woman. You will grow stronger from your interactions with your father and I hope the best for you.
@specific (156)
• South Korea
2 Dec 08
Thank you,my dear friend.Your words give me courage to live a opmistic life.Mylot is really a good website which help me gain a lot about life.I can not belive that somebody would comment on my discussion.I guess that you are a father who has experienced a lot in life.May god bless you,best wishes for your family.
@xavier_sh (222)
• Nepal
29 Nov 08
well i donot think ur life is such a big seceret beacause each and every one has got secrets in his life which may get disclosed at any time. now u have became familiar to ur real father and are getting closer to him. its really a great thing to know. i'm sure he'll help u in each and every step of ur life. n if u're shy girl n wanna be frank and fearless practice to talk to urself standing infront of mirror that will surely help u to spek in front of many people.