How do you maintain your good health pls.share..

South Korea
November 29, 2008 7:56am CST
iv been telling to my friends that money is not worthy..rather than a good health but im really thinking what will i do to improve my about you guys, how do you maintain your good health? plz.share..
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• Philippines
8 Dec 08
since you said maintain you good healt that means your on good health already and you wanted to maintain that so. to continue with that the best thin is that a proper diet, right time to eat, exercise, enough rest, make friends, be happy, avoid street foods and junk foods, eat vegetable, and a proper discipline in everyday life you take. :-) that is my personal parameters no joke coz i really do that ops except for making friends because i make friend most on the internet ..
• South Korea
8 Dec 08
that was pretty cool...thanks a lot..have a nice day
@yokhon48 (93)
• Malaysia
3 Dec 08
To young people, maintaining good health is always not their priority. Only when we progress in age, starting to have aches here and there, we becoming panicky of our body condition. Good health itself is alreadly wealth, as we do not need to spend more to get medical attention, medication, always stay healthy means still capable to earn.
• South Korea
3 Dec 08
hi yokhon,i agree with you..thanks have a nice day
@williamjisir (22903)
• China
30 Dec 08
Hello marketing friend. I don't have a good way to maintain my good health because I know that I am a lazy person in exercising. But I do walk between my apartment to the school office on campus. This is the only way that I have walking exercise every day. Besides I love to eat more of vegetables than meat, which can be part of the ways that I maintain good health. But I don't think that I have a very good sleeping habit because I sleep late in the evening till about eleven or sometimes as late as close to twelve, which is not good to my health. To maintain good health needs to have a good and healthy living habit, I think. Thank you for the discussion and take good care of yourself, friend.