Terrorists are not humans

November 29, 2008 8:42am CST
World is now challenged by terrorist threats. If you look in to the base levels of their activities you can see lots of innocent people's life and peace are taken away by the terrorists activities. If you can see the after effects of terrorist activities you can see the terrorists are fools who living in imaginary world. They were blindly following religions misdirected by criminal minded people. They cannot love humans. They spread hatred and destruction. They can not think about other human beings. They can not love people. Religions are created by humans for the benefit of humanity. No religions teach to kill innocent or do destruction. These cowardly acts shows that they are fools. If you cannot give life you have no right to take lifes. International community should do joint actions to eliminate them and their hide outs. These mentally retarded people should be sent to mental clinics. These criminals should be Punished to the maximum.
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• India
30 Nov 08
Terrorism is not something that can be wiped off all of a sudden. Well there is no particular use in bombing or attackin certain countries thinking there are loads of terrorist over there..attackin innocent people will never bring an end to this stuff..but create more hatred more n more terrorists indeed.. It's high time the nations went hand in hand to remove terrorism from this world. It should be rooted out... Right from the childhood itself..the feeling of brotherhood, comradeship, oneness,patriotism should be moulded up so well from the primary stage ..our system shud change,the true feelin of love shud be fed to each n everyone..our curriculum, studies always lead to expectations of a white collar job only. Its really a sad thing to see that people of 18-25 ages r being recruited for this..why? bcos they r the ones who can be moulded or brainwashed well..this should be stopped...do u ever think ny kid of dis age will have hatred to any particular relegion or creed or nythin??? this is the most enjoyable and learnin stage of life....The worser part of this is the citizens of their own country become traitors...WHY? WHY? WHY? What do they gain?? think about it.....victims are numerous to this terrible thing...what did they do to deserve all these sufferings???WHAT???its pathetic...
• India
3 Dec 08
Terrorism is a fact. There should be a solution for this issue. There are manythings which are to be considered if we need to eradicate terrorism. Even if this is not 100% possible we can have at least certain extent. Our current system is so weak so that it is not easy to root out terrorism by so called teaching and preaching. We have these options for priority. Internally we can do this. 1) People who preach terrorist ideologies should be jailed and punished without looking into the political or religious base he/they has/have. 2) Religious institutions should take initiative to teach patriotism too. 3) Government should stop divide and preach politics. All should be treated equally. Social security measures should be given importance. Religions should not be given any chance to exploit poverty and backwardness. Internationally: There should be a joint force of all nations.formed to curb terrorism internationally. All the evidences should be provided to the organisation to prove the role of different organisations/countries in this. Those countries should be persuaded/forced to take action against leaders/terrorists to reduce terrorist tendencies in the world. If required minimum military actions against terrorist hideouts should be done to stop this from happening. Any country which is having nuclear power and terroristic or unstable governments are always a threat to entire humanity.
• United States
29 Nov 08
The United States are in Iraq and Afghanistan right now attempting to thwart terrorism.. but the majority of the International Community is not happy for them being there. I agree that terrorism is a very scary thing... but I would not say that "these people cannot love." Actually, they do what they do out of love most of the time. They are taught, (by their misguided, fanatical relgions) that the best way to have eternal security is to give their lives to Allah in this jihah(holy war) they are fighting. This is why some of them willingly send their daughters into restaurants with bombs in their backpacks, or drive cars with explosives into barrages of soldiers. It's absolutely crazy, and I am very afraid if America pulls out of the Middle East.