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@Volkus (202)
November 29, 2008 2:46pm CST
I remember the moment from The Dark Knight where the people on the boat had to pick an answer - to blow up the others or to wait and to hope that they will not blow up their boat. If you were on one of those boats and didn't know that in the end all things will end up well, what did you do? Did you choose to do the exact things that did the people form the movie or did you choose to blow up the others? :) I hope you'll respond. Have a nice day!
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@jambi462 (4598)
• United States
29 Nov 08
Wow that is a hard question to really answer, basically like playing god. My instinct has usually told me that waiting things out usually helps you pick your answer better. I would give it a little time and see what my gut told me.
@Volkus (202)
• Romania
30 Nov 08
It is a good choice, to wait to better pick up the answer. But,this can't be a fake sensation. Maybe the right choice is the first one?Maybe you should press the button and save the innocent people by killing the infractor and murderers? But, we must not forgot that there is God, and he is almighty...