Why my sister hates me most...........

November 29, 2008 8:46pm CST
Friends please my sister hates me most.She is more closer to my friends than me.I don't know for what.But she loves my friend more than me.Is I am her brother or they ?
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@thaMARKER (3094)
• Philippines
12 Dec 08
I only have one sister and she’s the closest sibling to me because we’ve been together most of my high school and college days because I lived with her in the city. My parent’s house is located in the farm side of the city, away from my university so I had to live nearby. We’ve developed the bond since I was that young and until now, she’s the closest person I have in the family. She’s my immediate relative right now though my parents are the most liable to be but normally we don’t give problems to our parents, as long as we can handle it. My sister helps and saves me most of the time. Hehehe.. be it money or anything that she can do. She also helps my other two brothers. My sister’s been the reliable source of help ever since. It’s a long story though..
@arunmails (3013)
• India
30 Nov 08
And that is the girls nature...... if they decide to hate one..... they will not change their mind...... and no one can change their mind set......