Mumbai attack: Terrorist activity or Politics?

November 29, 2008 11:41pm CST
Is Mumbai attack is terrorist activity or there is some hand of politician also? I think there may be big help given to terrorists by some powerful entity? Otherwise no one can dare like that. How can they break the security like in Taj hotel? How could they come though sea breaking navy barrier? This all is possible by there own. What do you think? Who provide them help? This attack divert minds from all other issues. While it is sensex or malegaon blast case or election. Each one only talking about these attacks. Opposition parties starts bombardment on government. All such emits a smell of politics also.
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• India
30 Nov 08 could be an inside job...maybe the Indian govt killed their own is a possibility...maybe there r no terrorists..maybe all this is an attempt to form a one work government....