Mistake of a student

@annierose (18021)
November 30, 2008 12:07am CST
When I was still in college, we have this professor who I can say is very strict regarding his subject. Just the sight of him during vacant hours makes everyone nervous. He is very good regarding his subject matter and very fluent in English to the extent that sometimes we cannot comprehend his words. This makes us quiet in having a recitation to him because his vocabularies makes us insecure in our own capacities in using English language.Whenever he will enter our class we can see him holding our class cards. This gives us a signal that we will be having a recitation again with him. The moment he called one of us, it makes everyone fall into deep silence. All are holding his breath because of nervousness.All of us are oblige to study our lessons and the moment we failed to answer his question,he gives criticism on us. Because we find him as one of the terror professor, we decided one day not to attend his class. No single student attend on him. That time, he gave us and Indian literature to read and he require us to finish it in just one day. I can still remember that it is entitled Mahabharata.Because not everyone finish reading it and for sure no one can answer in the recitation again, that is why we find it much better not to attend to his subject. Of course, on our next meeting on him, we expect him to be so angry. He entered the room so quiet. The whole classroom was full of silence.He sat on front of everyone and started to speak. We can feel his bitterness as he stating what is wrong with us.He told us that he just want what is the best on us and he just want us to be excellent in his subject that is why he is strict with regard to his subject. He is angry but calm is speaking. We can see that he almost shed a tear with what we had done. Because of that, we feel guilty of not attending his class.We realized our mistake. We failed to notice the reason why he was so strict with what he is teaching.From that time, we started to change our attitude. We take his subject seriously and I can say that even though we already graduated, his teachings will still remain in our hearts. How about you? Can you cite some examples on which you had done a mistake on your teacher or your professor? What factors affect you to commit those mistakes? How were you able to realized the wrongs you had done?
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