ROMANCE!! Tell me your romantic stories or proposals.

@Jcblu78 (185)
August 24, 2006 9:53am CST
I Love my boyfriend with all my heart, but he is not the most romantic guy out there. I have always been very romantic. I thought maybe you could share your stories and maybe give him a few idea's *wink* *wink*
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@squallming (1776)
• Malaysia
28 Mar 13
My girlfriend and I had been together for 1289 days. We met in the University we are studying. We both take different major yet somehow we met in the library and become attached with one another . So before my official love confession, we were already having meals together and a little like real couple. So I have not much of a worry that I would be rejected. So I go and search for some beautiful rings that come in pair or look the same. I bought two very nice rings and had our name drew on it. With my ring written her name and her ring mine. On the night of 17th September 2009, I brought her to a quiet but surrounded by flower place. With the moon lighting the area, I confessed my love to her and put it on her finger. And boom we were officially a dating couple. These years being with her, even though we are still pursuing our degree, I always worked and saved money to bring her for trips. Let her stay at some of the good hotel at affordable rate, brought her to themed park as she still like playing those things. We had some cozy dining together which cost over a hundred usd per meal. Helped her with her studies even though we are not taking the same course. So I have to read her books and assist her. Well, those are just some of the things I did for her.