Do you stll love someone who hates you?

November 30, 2008 3:21am CST
Yeah, I do. God says that you must love everyone even your enemies or people who hate you. He said that you must forgive. There is someone who I think hates me but I don't think of this as a problem, I just pray to the lord for this person to have peace with me that we will be best friends and love each other. How about you? Do you still love someone who hates you?
2 responses
• Malaysia
1 Dec 08
yup..bcoz i know im still cant forget her/him..i love her/him..
• United States
1 Dec 08
I really don't think that anyone I know or used to know "hates" me. However there are two old friends of mine that our friendship broke apart. I for a fact one one girl doesn't care for me anymore but I hope she wouldn't say she hates me. Anyway I still love both of these girls who are no longer in my life because we did have such a good friendship and we did share so many memories together. I can even still think of memories of us together and smile. Might as well have no regrets in life and not think about people that might hate you!