Does anyone watch Roseanne?

@Riah50 (672)
United States
November 8, 2006 2:57am CST
I love this show!
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@dramaqn (1990)
• United States
25 Oct 09
yes I love this show. I wasn't too fond of the whole "Becky" switch, but very happy when the original one came back. And I hope by chance the first who responded to your discussion 3 years ago because she may know the trivia question I'm about to ask. The very first episode that introduced Marks little brother was at the end of an episode. What was the brother's name?
@babyhar (1335)
• Canada
7 Feb 07
Yes, I watch this show. It was to a point where me and my other half were watching it for the hour it was on every night for almost a month. CMT began broadcasting the seasons over again and we just got hooked on it. The writers were able to keep a good balance between humor and drama and as the show progressed you see the evolution of each character. My other half never really liked Roseanne before I told him to give it a chance and now he really enjoys the program. I find one of the best things about the show is how real everyone is. They portray a family that is believable and that I think could really exist. It isn't like one of those other comedies out there where the characters are overblown and just outrageous. I think Roseanne in general is one hilarious woman. I enjoy her stand up but her show was what really got me into watching her. She plays the type of mother I can see myself as one day. Every time I see her on her old sitcom I see traits that she possesses as being ones I could have as a parent. Sure, she might be a little rough around the edges but deep down she means best. She loves her family with all of her heart and she shows it when one of them needs her help. She's always there for Dan and her kids and that's the type of wife/mother I want to be. I want to be able to tease my kid but at the same time have them know that when they need help, I will always be there for them. My favorite thing though about the show still is how real it is. There's no silly problems, just ones we all face day to day. It's a show that can easily be identified with and that's why I think it was such a hit when it was on television originally. So, in conclusion, those are a few of the reasons why I like the show Roseanne. It's an easily relatable comedy that has it's basis in reality. That helps the show to hold more viewers and in the end be more successful. That was never important to me though. All that is important to me is a good show with interesting characters and humor I can relate to. Thanks for allowing me to share! xx
@dalejr38 (2421)
• United States
26 Nov 06
i watch it every time it comes on.
• United States
25 Nov 06
Yeah, I like that show
@massaj03 (4372)
• United States
25 Nov 06
I love the Roseanne show its so funny.
@vhansen (2029)
• United States
24 Nov 06
Yes!I usually get up very early and it's on nick at night at that time so I can enjoy it in quiet.;-)