McAfee SiteAdvisor - check if the website is safe to use

@kaka135 (8696)
November 30, 2008 8:57am CST
McAfee SiteAdvisor Analysis - This is a screen shot that I used McAfee SiteAdvisor to analyze a website, which is not safe to access.
When you are doubt if the website is safe or not, you can always go to McAfee SiteAdvisor Analysis for a check. Go to Just enter the website you want to check, then you can check out the analysis result, whether the site is safe to use or not. There is also a list of automated web safety testing result (Email tests, download tests, online affiliations, annoyances), and also user reviews. Besides this, you can also download the McAfee SiteAdvisor Plug-in. After you've installed the plug-in, when you did any searches, you'll see a status next to the search result, indicating whether the website is safe to use or not. To download plug in: