How Do You Evaluate Your Life In 2008? Fruitful?Fine? Disaster?

November 30, 2008 9:54am CST
One month to go and its already 2009. Now, its time for us to evaluate our life for the past 12 months? What are the happenings that happened in your life? Do you find it fruitful,fine or disaster? With me, its actually all the choices because there are some points in my life that i find it fruitful, just like now, i am making a discussion , for me to have a big money in the near future.I also came to point, that can be considered as disaster is when my partner has left me and look for another guy. Whata bout you, how do you find your life in the year 2008?
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@narayan2006 (2955)
• India
30 Nov 08
I have a mixed experiences of happiness and arduous situations. Most of the time,life rolled on smoothly except few occasional problems. Of course, the cost of living was unbearable towards the last part of the year due to rising prices of many essential commodities. Further, some of our investment and saving could not satisfactorily grow due to economic slow down. I faced some financial problem for some time to meet the daily usual household expenditure. Thanks.
• Mauritius
30 Nov 08
sorry to hear about your girl friend. for me this year was a bit shaky but by the end of this year i see its not so bad after all. i travels to south africa this year. your still lucky you got a girlfriend or more in youre life but not me.i don't even know what it is.
@bellebads (741)
• Philippines
30 Nov 08
same with you it's a mixed of everything. 1st quarter is a good one, 2nd quarter my husband was hospitalized and undergone operation. 3rd quarter is the most sad part of this year, i have miscarriage supposedly its my first baby. last quarter fine we're coping with the problems we experience with the 2nd and 3rd quarter.