Why do some men hate their family??

@loxion (1551)
November 30, 2008 10:53am CST
There was this neighbor of mine whom i totally didn't understand how he live or did i understand anything about his life style and the way treated his kids and wife. This man work at a college as a head of college and his wife work at the same college also, but each and every morning his wife would take a taxi to work even though his husband had a car, i mean he would never allow his wife to take a ride in his car. There was one incident where it was raining and his wife was on the the street on her way home, but guess what...he just passed her and went straight home. Even his kids where so afraid of him that they even left to do their studies far away from home. But now that he is dead they come home every now and then to visit their mother. I mean how on earth should some men treat their family like that?
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@bunnybon7 (37638)
• Holiday, Florida
2 Dec 08
wow. thats pretty bad and i have heard of some really bad guys. but it is better i guess than beating her like my second hubby did. i left him as any woman should that has a bad husband. maybe he beat her also?
@loxion (1551)
• India
2 Dec 08
No he never beat his wife but coming to the kids....all hell break loose, i mean he treated them like they were not his kids, never show any respect, no mercy and he was always cross with them Where is the so called "daddy's love" there, always shouting at them and always wanted them to be home all the time, if he cannot find you when he is back from work...then know that you are in for serious beatings. Even though he wasn't beating his wife but i think it still hurts her to see him abusing the kids, and is like to her it was an emotional abuse, obviously she couldn't stand there and watch his man beating the kids. One thing that i still wonder is why wouldn't he give any one at home a ride in his car?
@hildas (3031)
30 Nov 08
I really do not understand how anyone could treat anyone like this. If he was my husband I would of left him along time ago. Is this man so ashamed of his wife or children. He does not deserve them and one day he might get a shock and realises what he has done when it is way to late. He will turn around and they will be gone. I really do not know what makes someone behave in this way. He does not give her a lift at all. They must be together for the sake of their children thats all I can say because he does this to her and she lets him do it so they must not like each other and this must be what really is going on.
@salonga (27955)
• Philippines
2 Dec 08
How miserable that man was! He did not know how to show love even to his family. I know where he is now! A good man will always love his family and will give first priority to his family no matter what. How could that man not show love to his wife. Imagine just passing by her amidst the rain and let her wife got wet while he was comfortable in his car. This is so terrible for the woman to bear.