My TV exploded...

@cryw0lf (1302)
United Kingdom
November 30, 2008 6:09pm CST
My tv exploded lol, what do i do? I've replaced the fuse in the plug- it did nothing, i changed the plug all together, it did nothing. That means my TV actually exploded haha. (Plus it scared the hell out of me). Does this mean i buy a new TV or what? :( .... I had so many plans for my lil tv :(
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• United States
1 Dec 08
Your TV... ...exploded? Oh my. Is everything in the house okay? Did it explode all your furniture? Geez... I should watch the news more often... I feel for you. Okay, I'm kidding. My TV once wouldn't turn on. I smacked it as hard as I can, it flickered on for a second, then it went pfffff-pop, then I noticed that it was fried. Luckily, it was a small portable TV, so I bought myself a new one without financial problem (lucky lucky me). I'm afraid there really isn't anything you can do to a fried TV. You can take the "un-exploded" parts and reuse it if you feel like making your own TV (is that even possible...?) but other than that, you will have to buy a new TV.
@kykidd (6819)
• United States
1 Dec 08
Hey cryw0lf, sorry to say it, but it sounds like it is time, unfortunately. It never happens when we really want to buy a new television set. I had one get struck by lightning one time. I never knew what happened until the cable company put a note on my door that there were signals interrupting some kind of frequency. They came out and the whole cable wire running to that tv was fried. Best of luck in finding a great deal on a nice set. Hey, it's a good time of year to be shopping for one. Should be all kinds of sales. Good day!