does neobux really pay? i think it is scam!!!!!

December 1, 2008 1:22am CST
does neobux really pay? i think it is a scam. do you think that just by clicking ads you can earn money, even if you earn money its not so much that you can buy stuff. i just signed up in neobux and got only 4 advertisements to click. only 0.04$ earnings. for me its just a waste of time.if you can help me to increase my account balance in neobux, your tips and hints are most welcome. do we get money only by clcking ads in neobux.
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• Pakistan
1 Nov 11
here is one more site that really pay my reffral ID = 623166 please write this number in REFFERED BY column while registering
2 Dec 08
it is a scam or rather waste your time scheme. you will waste so much time on it and get peanuts if they pay you. all that stuff they write about payment proof i sincerely doubt them. maybe am wrong who knows???
@molloy (136)
2 Dec 08
well the only way to know for sure if they pay or not is to take the time to complete till you get the amount to check out then request a payment and find out. i heard stories that they are legit so i dont know i dont personally use it though. well hope you get payed if you are a member and hope it doesnt turn out to be another site that doesnt pay
• United States
2 Dec 08
yes neobux really pays!! i recommend you neobux its a slow way to earn money but is safe!! and pays!! well have a nice day and hope you will have a very good week ;) see you soon and bye bye.
@smacksman (6074)
1 Dec 08
You are lucky to get paid anything for doing something that a monkey could do. Hey, now come to think of it, where did I last put that monkey. I'll get him to earn his keep. Thanks for the idea. haha
@piya84 (2589)
• India
1 Dec 08
hello u have join there just..u dont know anything ...just they are giving 4 cents doesnt make it scam...i am i right? i am there 4 month now..i havent made dat much to take out payments..but i read forum there n many hav got payments...u have to upgrade ur account paying 90$..they give u 9 adds per day then..apart from dat u can have direct and purchase referals ..where u get pie from their revenue..i hope this will help.
@animeniak (425)
• United States
1 Dec 08
I don't know, my neobux account has been suspended, because I haven't logged on to that account for weeks, so I really don't know if it is a scam.
@rortiz86 (1697)
• Philippines
1 Dec 08
Neobux... Like what other members are saying, is not a scam. I myself have been paid several times already and always seconds after my request. I know, they offer less, but they do really pays. Anyway, you'll only have to spend a few minutes everyday, plus you earn more by referring others. Many sites today, requires members to spend something on their site, but neobux is different and they doesn't require any members to invest or buy something. As I've said neobux is not a scam. If you feel, it's a waste of time. It's fine. But, for me it's not, since they're paying.