Old Avril an New Avril!!!

December 1, 2008 2:11am CST
Well, I think Avril has changed her self for 180 degree. I remember how she was when he made her debut. She was so cool with her skater style. And her songs also fabulous I think. So rock and young. Now she is so different. She wears sexy clothes. Ironically, she ever talked in one of MTV program that she would not wear sexy clothes. Hm,, I think her color of music also changed. Now her music is more pop. Actually, I like the old one of Avril. But, maybe this is life. Everything is gonna changes. What is you opinion?
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• Hong Kong
16 Dec 08
i guess she changed a lot after her marriage.she waz really cool and punky before her marriage.but now she looks old.
• Indonesia
15 Dec 08
yup i'm agree with you, i think her new album is suck, love Avril in her second album, she more mature and a lot more angst in her song, i don't care if she wear sexy clothes i only care about her song...
@iamcucu (194)
• China
14 Dec 08
When a person fall in love,getting married,he/she will chang.so does our avril,though her music talent isn't change,she is not a teenageer anymore,she is a grown-up woman.she is married.So I think her style gonna change sonner or later. Whatsoever,I think I'll always like her.
@jzqt27 (541)
• Canada
13 Dec 08
i like her songs, when is her new album out? or already out?
• Philippines
12 Dec 08
I think that too..... but now avril just kinda hot and at the same time.....ROCKS!!!!! hehehhehehe.....but you do have a point!!!....the old avril is better than now....for it was the height of her career and she really know how to catch every1's opinion!!!! happy mylotting!!! hhehehehehhe
• China
9 Dec 08
i agree with your view
@kimi4300 (54)
• China
3 Dec 08
You said great! I like the old one too,but the people will become mature.So Avril no matter what time she is the best!
• China
1 Dec 08
Frankly, I didn't like rock music before because I thought it was too noisy. But now l accept this kind of music because of Avril. I find that she sing with her soul.Recently I am attracted by her song "WHEN YOU ARE GONE", I love the lyrics and melody, I am moved by the MV as well, it is perfect! Perhaps everything is changing but I still believe something will last forever!
@donsky14 (5963)
• Philippines
1 Dec 08
Yup your right she has changed a LOT. She dresses sexier now but she still has that rock edge in her style. As for her songs...hmmm...I guess its more happier now? She wasn't really that rock before..she has always been -for me- pop. She just have this angst that makes her like a rock star. ^__^ don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Avril. hehe...but I've always seen her more of a "pop" than "rock."