Look at the moon!! it's smiling moon...

smiling moon - this is so amazing.. this is how it looks like.. somewhat..haha. sorry, i'm not good with drawings.. smile! ^__^
December 1, 2008 6:39am CST
This is an amazing discovery as I looked up the sky tonight. And to my surprise, whoah! it was smiling to me, and i thought I was hallucinating or something but then when I saw the news.. the moon is really smiling because of the visibility of the two planets.. Venus and Jupiter.. whoah! Does this have a meaning?... So if you get the chance to look up on the dark sky tonight.. Watch out for the moon and see it smiling.. ^__^
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@gtdonna (1740)
6 Dec 08
I did saw it and it was a beautiful sight to behold. Mny people heard about ti too late and by then the clouds had already formed, the next night the planets were too far away and it looked more like a sad smiley face than the night before
@NonaSaile (926)
• Philippines
1 Dec 08
Yes, I saw it too, as I was on my way home earlier tonight. I looked like a smiley face, and with one star smaller, it looked like it was a winking smiley face. I so wish I had a camera. Then I looked around me - there so many people going about their own businesses, and it looked like nobody else seemed to notice the sky. Somehow that made me sad. Here is a rare, beautiful natural occurrence, all for free, and nobody seemed to care. Now I'm glad I logged on to myLot - at least here, there are others who have noticed and have appreciated. Happy mylotting!
@iamcdy (1120)
• Philippines
1 Dec 08
I received the same text message from my friend but unfortunately I was not able to see it. I told my niece about it then we went outside the house to look for it but couldn't seem to find it (sigh). That should be really an amazing sight. I am glad you shared it here. Thanks for the illustration. At least I was able to imagine it through your drawing. Good night!
• Philippines
1 Dec 08
YUP. it sure did look like that. it was smiling. it will happen just once in a life time. fascinating phenomenon isn't it?