Consumer/Producer Partnership in Organic Production

December 1, 2008 6:42am CST
Although I have been trained as an inspector and certifier of organic production & processing, I strongly favor Consumer/Producer Partnership in organic production. In Japan they have the TeiKei System. Under this system, consumers and producers together plan the next cropping season: what to produce, when, with what organic inputs, the quantity, and for how much. The consumers pay the farmer in advance. They also help the farmer produce, harvest and sell when there's surplus. In the US and Canada there is a scheme called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). The consumer pays for the production in advance. Certification by a third party should be done only when there is a physical and psychological distance between consumers and producers. When the producers and consumers know each other, third party certification will not be needed. And remember it will add to the final tag price. Producers and consumers of organic products, what do you think about Consumer/Producer Partnership?
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