To Java, or not to Java?

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December 1, 2008 8:15am CST
Would you rather have coffee or tea? Discuss? *Sips her 3rd cup of coffee for the morning*
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1 Dec 08
Aww. I used to be such a coffee drinker! I worked across the street from my boyfriend's coffee shop so every morning bright and early I'd get a large coffee to go and head in to work. Over the summer we moved and I wasn't drinking coffee every morning, or really any hot beverage for that matter because the weather was so warm, and now that it's winter I tried to get back to my java gulping ways. Unfortunately, it seems like my tolerance for caffeine has gone down. I honestly can't drink more than a cup without feeling jittery! It stinks! I love to start a cold morning with a hot drink. Lately I've switched to tea and hot chocolate...or sometimes I'll mix some coffee with hot chocolate. I might have to *gasp* try decaf... Oh man. I don't even like typing that...haha. :)
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2 Dec 08
NO! Decaf is forbidden!! Coffee with hot chocolate? You should try regular black coffee with that International House Of Coffee brand in Mayan Dark Chocolate...just a little sugar and milk with that and its SOOOO tasty!!
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