Did anybody fall in true Love ?

December 1, 2008 10:00am CST
Love is one of the wonderful things in the world.If anybody finds true love he/she will be the luckest person in the world.Hardly we are getting love and affection today.Do you agree with me ? But the question is all loves are real or few of the? Can anybody explain me what exactly love 7 true love ? Because I never tried for that.So I can nit recognise what is true love? Anybody can hlp meplzzzzzzzz....!!!!
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@kaka135 (13921)
• Malaysia
2 Dec 08
It's really hard to explain whether it's true love or not, you will just know it when you fall into it. I had the question about what the difference is between like and love. When I found it, I just knew it's love. The feeling is different. I believe true love is when you really love someone with your whole life, and I believe I've found it. ^_^
@chaolai (162)
• Philippines
2 Dec 08
you already have it but you just dont know how to explain it. you can't live without love. just try to touch your heart and the answer is within you. you're not a fool i know, you know it's real, you just cant touch it but you can feel it. it's magic! happy mylotting.
@diillu (5128)
1 Dec 08
I think loving a person truly is called the true love. As for me I have been over with the 2 relationship already and I'm in the third relationship. My 1st relationship was broken as we both were too young to even fall in love with. But my second relationship broken as my bf cheated on me but as for me I totally loved him truly and thought he was my true love but he wasn't. But the whole time I spent with him, those moments were true to me and so was I. And now again I"m happily in love with a guy and this time too I"m more true then the previous. So, I have to say that loving a person and if that person loves you back truly than it is called a true love.
@luvandpower (2049)
• United States
1 Dec 08
twi things you can do to find out : 1) listen to me rant on abou tlove 2) go to poems and read my poem titled " love is like an apple" if you chose number 1 here we go... love is love.. it is the force that holds your heart together. it shows the true vanity of the world. it shows what you were made for. it shows the cvrners of the earth being opened, lilke a newborn flower. what can love do? it is your protector, cling to it. you can love and be loved, but what is the side affect? love is love. it is a free gift, taht shows the strongest feeling the strongest emotion ever. if you lov eyou can die for that something, if they love they can die for you. that is true love.