Is Payment Processors Safe to Keep yr Hard Earned Money?

December 2, 2008 1:26am CST
Many people transact via online famous payment processors like Paypal and Alertpay. You keep on clicking websites, refer people and earn money from online. You get your money in your favourite payment processor. Then later after some days you come to know that your payment processor is scam and has run away with all your money. Then what? You will feel so helpless at that time. So what you think, is these payment processors safe enough to keep your money in it? Recently Alertpay was under DDOS Attack, but they claim that your account will be absolutely safe. I prefer once you have enough money you should withdraw it directly to your bank acc or request a cheque rather than keeping in the account. So there will be no fear in your mind that your money is in any type of risk or hacker attack!
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@Jimeous (858)
• New Zealand
2 Dec 08
Did you know that Payment Processor Sites are always getting attacked by DDoS and other such methods. Those type of sites need to continually upgrade thier software and servers because the attacks change all the time. I would prefer Paypal as a Payment Processor, mostly because it's more widely accepted on the internet. AlertPay is getting there, it has a way to go but it is a very good Payment Processor Group.
@reshine (163)
• Indonesia
2 Dec 08
I think paypal is the safest .. if paypal going to scam then ebay also scam .. but you better not put all your earning in online account like paypal. Withdraw your money ( or sell it :p ) and just left some money that you'll use to make payment.
@sayan007 (45)
• India
2 Dec 08
with the number of people using the services of paypal and alertpay I donot think that such a thing will happen
@fsound (757)
• Philippines
2 Dec 08
I guess it's safe as long as nobody uses your account.
@chocsie (262)
• Greece
2 Dec 08
I also think you should withdraw your money once you have enough, but Paypal is a trusted payment processor and will never run away with your money (or so I've heard) Which do you use? Paypal or Alertpay or another one?