Does really pay for review

@abyin007 (426)
December 2, 2008 2:56am CST
How much does it pays for reviews..
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4 Dec 08
I use Dooyoo and find that they pay out really well. To recieve payment you can either choose cheque, charity or Amazon voucher. I think you need about 13000 points for charity then it's 10000 for a £10 Amazon voucher or 50000 for a cheque of £50. For each review you get given 500 points which is equal to 50p, not bad. However I would recommend you also set up a Ciao site and post your review onto both of them that way ylou get a little bit of extra money. When writing for Dooyoo go for quality rather than quantity of reviews as if they are good enough you stand the chance of getting crowned and will recieve a further 1500 points for that review which comes to a total of 2000 or £2. Happy reviewing!
• Philippines
4 Dec 08
hi faders can i post both reviews exactly the same? i write for ciao and joined dooyoo recently. thanks...
@anonymili (3138)
21 Dec 08
At dooyoo you get £0.50 per review published and 1.5p (£0.015) per member read/rate. You can also get an additional £1.50 per review if your review is nominated and chosen for a crown (in other words deemed to be of a very high standard). There are lots of people who join the site thinking they can churn out lots of reviews at £0.50 each but believe me, if you write rubbish reviews they'll be reported and deleted. They need to be in a decent standard of English and to make sense. Revenge rating is taken very seriously there so the childish people who revenge rate on Ciao, be warned, dooyoo will take faster action and your account will be terminated...
• India
2 Dec 08
Yes it pays. It pays in Dooyoo miles, 500 per review. You get a cheque of 50 after you reach 50,000 dooyoo miles. Else you can donate 5000 dooyoo miles to a charity.