Do you believe fortune-telling

December 2, 2008 2:59am CST
To be honest, I don't believe fortune-telling in the past. But recently I am entranced with it. 3 months ago,I feel very afraid and I almost lose confidence in my future. At that time, my friends tell me fortune-telling may help me. So I do many fortune-tellings such as constallation, chinese Eight Characters, Tarot and staff like that. It's suprised that most of fortune-telling forecast my past accurately, and I found I could know my future by working them out. After that, I may know what I should do or something I should pay attention to. Actually I don't completely believe them, but it seems to be a good way to direct you when you have no idea. Do you have the same feeling. Do you have some good suggestions when we are at sea.
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@chiaeugene (2226)
• China
3 Dec 08
i dun really believe in them but everything is possible in this world and i believe in supernatural like ghosts cos i really had some encounters with them so i know they are real. for future, i am not sure but i am treating it with an open mind cos there are many things unexplainable by science. I have my forture read before several times and one of them is quite accurate with my life so far. He read for me when i was 19 years old thru palm reading. Now i am 36 yrs old and he has correctly predicted my marriage and career.
@IngramWu (194)
• China
3 Dec 08
I don't beleive it, I think it can only use as a incourage. sometimes, when ou lose your confidence, and they tell you to pay attention on something, or avoid some thing, so you will take care in future, and try to do the good thing, avoid the bad things, this certainly lead you success.