exercise: a pleasurable experience

December 2, 2008 8:35am CST
Exercise is a pleasurable experience. that should be my mantra. i mean, in order for me to maintain my exercise regimen., i need to change my mindset about exercise. it should not just be a routine, not just for weight loss, but for an overall pleasurable experience. it is like eating ice cream. why do i eat ice cream? because i find pleasure in doing so. why do i post in mylot? because i like it. that is why i maintain my account here. so, if only i can do that with exercise, i think i will find myself healthier and more fit. hehe hmmm...after i give birth, i will surely get on an exercise regimen. i need too. good day and God bless you all! :-) let's all get into the groove!
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• China
3 Dec 08
it seems that i am a lazy guy,i never do exercise in the morning for years,but i go running at night with the company of my friend.
@munhozmib (3853)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
2 Dec 08
Hello, spoiled311. Exercise is, in fact, a pleasant experience. I enjoy exercising, running, walking. What I don't like is to get all sweat later. I really dislike it. I would appreciate if I could exercise a lot and keep myself clean. But no, I sweat and I really do sweat a lot. Therefore, sometimes exercise is not good for me. Not like if it was going to make me bad, or damage my health. But it is not good because I'm in places where I cannot shower right after exercising. Respectfully, Munhozmib.
@katemeow (848)
• Singapore
2 Dec 08
what type of exercise do you do? i used to go to the gym and i totally hated it! haha :) now i am into brisk walking and running and i love it :) I think with exercise its a matter of finding the one that you enjoy doing. maybe something fun like cycling or swimming? good luck and hope you find your regimen soon :)
@fasttalker (2797)
• United States
2 Dec 08
You're right. Excercise is something that you train yourself to like. I pop in my favorite CD every morning and hit the treadmill running! LOL My motivation is that it makes my day go so much smoother and I feel really good!