Dion and those darn Liberals and Bloc Quebecois

@addysmum (1225)
December 2, 2008 10:01am CST
Just where does this man get off. He claims to be doing what the Canadian people want, we spoke dumb@ss. We voted and while it was not a majority vote for Harper he did still win the election. Harper's government is doing what they have to to keep us from going belly up. His government is putting forward a budget that will keep us from running in a deficit. Yes they had to cut federal programs like MP eating out on the tax payer and trips around the world on our bill, and those ridiculous raises that the federal employees keep giving themselves. It is all to help us as a nation get through this global financial crisis. canada is not alone in this problem it is global and Dions Billions of dollar bail out plan is only a band-aid leaving our children and their children to pay for our dumb ways. Dion did you think we would forget that you tried to separate our country with your referendum to remove Quebec from Canada. Do you really think we will allow you to bugger up things even more. Just retire, I am so sick of your garbage. You will not damage our country. Harper may not be the best leader but he is doing the best he can with the hand he was given, you would not do any better. For those of you that are not Canadian Dion is the acting leader of the Liberal party and former leader of the Bloc party. Dion years ago tried to make Quebec it's own country which would have lead to the separation of Canada. Now he is the ringleader for these 2 parties trying to hold a no confidence vote against the leader of our country. We had an election just before the US election and we voted for Harper, but because this man doesn't like the fact he lost he is trying to bring down the party we voted in. When Dion lost the election he said he was stepping down and now he is the face for a joint endeavor by these morons to crush us under the already over bearing weight of a global crisis. He claim Canadians don't trust Harper, he claims he will do better by us. He claims that federal employees can still get their pay raises and we the tax payer can afford to foot the bill for all their playing around. He claims he knows what is best for us but when Harper's financial minister put forward a budget that will keep our heads above water at least for a little while longer he claims it is not what the people wanted. Is he crazy a balanced and deficit free budget is not what we wanted. That is right Dion we want to pay out the nose, we want to be in debt, and we like to loss our jobs, houses, cars. We want you to lead us into a depression not just a recession. That is what Canadians want. I thought we spoke loud and clear, we don't like you, we don't want you. So step off and allow the leader we voted for do his job in these hard times. I did not vote for Harper or Dion, I voted independent. I do not like Harper for his warring ways, but I strongly dislike Dion for his separatist ways. Canadians and non-Canadian alike I would like to hear your opinion on our ridiculous opposition leader and his merry band of over spending morons.
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@Myrrdin (3601)
• Canada
4 Dec 08
Wow I can't even begin to count the number of things wrong with this rant. Dion never tried to make Quebec its own coutry. Dion is a federalist, he has very strong and very public feelings on the matter. He is anti-separatist. The fact is its not even Dion's "bail out program" it is a program suggested by all parties EXCEPT the Conservatives. Not to mention by economists around the world. 62% of Canadians don't want Harper. Granted they don't want Dion either, but still.