Playing Game And Make Money

@klaudine (3652)
December 2, 2008 11:08am CST
I know, I know that I am not allowed to put the links, and I am not being noobish to make such mistakes which would make my discussions got deleted. It is about something that I had in othe discussions panels, and i wondered about one thing. In myLot, I knew many people whose life depends on the online money making programs, and I know we have tried so hard to find programs which suitable for us in earning money. Some people rely on the paying forums and writing. Some people rely on the reviews and articles. Some are active in freelance jobs online. Some are clicking links in PTC. Some are trading in e-bay. And the other... playing game to get the money. I didn't know this concept before I realized that playing such a popular game like WoW or neopets could earn you money. Not gold or neopoints, but the real money. Indeed, it is a little bit confusing, even for me when I first heard it. Some people just crazy enough to buy your 'game money' with the 'real money'. Heard that, I opened my old neopet account, which was not active for years and found out I still had LOTS of 'game money' in the account. I am, of course, planning to sell those money, since I don't need them. This is my question: have you done something like that? Selling game account which have high level, or selling 'game money' in exchange of the real money? Have you do something like that? I believe it is something that is a little bit dangerous, since you would get your account banned, or something worse, but I just saw many people do that. Have you heard about it? Or have you done that? What's your opinion about that?
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