did you ever regret something?

December 2, 2008 11:19pm CST
i myself sometimes i'm regretting those decision i made whom i think i was stupid to make those decisions that i can't make a stand for them..hmm. what i mean is being careless in deciding something..what i just learned is not to become too impulsive
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@lumenmom (1996)
• United States
3 Dec 08
It sounds like you are experiencing a very normal aspect of life. I believe we all have things we regret but I also believe those things have a place in our life and in our growth. Some of our biggest lessons we learn from our mistakes. Making "stupid" decisions is normal and while we should learn from them, we don't have to continue to feel bad. We just have to take our valuable lessons and use them in the future to make better choices.
• Malaysia
3 Dec 08
Yes, everyone encounter good and bad experiences, make wrong decision and mistakes which are part and parcel of our life. Sometimes, I do regret however, I have learnt not to cry over spilled milk. Go on, they are all learning experiences, and thus make us a better, wiser person.
@mykmari_08 (2466)
• Philippines
3 Dec 08
Admittedly, there are a lot of things which I consider my erroneous decisions in life. As I was contemplating on my situation in life, I have discovered that I was amiss on some of the things I've done and on my decisions. In particular, I feel that I didn't think things over the way I should regarding my past relationship and my marriage life. My spouse and I have been married for almost six years now but up to this day, we still don't have our own properties (house and lot) and savings. For six long years, we have been wasting money on rent for the house. We have one daughter for a child who is presently three years of age. We plan to send her to school by next year but unfortunately, I don't know if we'll be able to push through with our plans because honestly, we lack funds for her education. Sometimes, I even get depressed thinking of our problems which are particularly financial in nature. But eventhough how much I grieve or cry for errors I have done in the past, I know there is nothing I could do or change about this stuff. There is a saying that, "one shouldn't cry over spilt milk".
@annierose (18021)
• Philippines
3 Dec 08
My answer to your question is "Yes". It was those time that I am about to graduate from college. I started to look for a job so after graduation I will have already a school in which I can go to teach. I like to practice my profession. And I believe that teaching right away after graduation will enhance me more as a teacher.I can say that I was nearly lucky to have a job but my family disagree with me regarding that matter.They disagree because they said I must focus first on my review for the licensure examination.Private school only offers little amount of earnings compared to public schools. They would like me to teach at public schools. It is for the reason that public schools have lot of advantages compared to private schools.I know they have a point there and I was really in a dillema weather to agree or disagree with what they want. I even ask for my boyfriend's opinion. Unlike my family, he told me that it is alright if I will go into teaching job. It is teaching anyway and it will help me gain experience in that. He told me that he believe that I can pass the exam even if I am teaching in a school.Because I was so unsure of myself and because of fear that I might not pass the exam if I will have my teaching job, that is why I decided not to accept the job offer. I just focused myself on studying for the exam. God answered my prayers and He let me pass the exam. It was released this November and everyone in the family was so happy as well as my friends, classmates and my boyfriend. Even my classmates who are teaching already or who have works in call center even made it on the exam. I remember what my boyfriend told me. I can still pass it even if I teach. I just felt that I luck self confidence within me.I did not trust myself. I let the job offer for teaching slip out of my hands.Somehow, I got envy with other classmates because while me is just staying in the house, majority of them are now earning. Anyway, I cannot return back time. I am still thankful that I listened to my family. I got higher grades compare to some of my classmates who is working.By next year,I am planning to apply for a public school. And hopefully, by this time, I will get a teaching position in a school. I just learned my lesson. I must have self confidence and complete trust with myself.
• India
3 Dec 08
if I start thinking back to everything I shouldn’t have done, I might slip into a depression! So I’d better not trigger feelings of regret now! Were I to be given a second chance, I would ask for everything to be different, except for my family and the best moments. Living the same life all over again doesn’t appeal to me at all, so why not change countries, languages, people, experiences, once we’re at it? Now I wouldn't like to give the wrong impression. I'm perfectly happy with who and what I am and feel privileged and grateful for every single day