Prison Break...Who's character appeal to you best?

December 2, 2008 11:23pm CST
We know that Prison Break has been a phenomenal American series to us all. The twist of the story has captivated us all. Not to mention, the so mysterious appeal of the leading character Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller). His low latent inhibition disorder added by his high IQ has kept most of its avid watchers to their toes everytime time the show goes on air. As his psychiatrist claims, the disorder Scofield has should be monitored because with his high IQ,it makes him a genius. And it only proves he is when he lead 8 people out of the Fox River State Penitentiary. However, the story not just revolve around Scofield though the overview of it shows his revenge towards the 'The Company' which his father had been a member of. We have also noticed some characters who stood out in the series. To name some are Sucre, who is very willing to sacrifice everything just for his debt of gratitude for Scofield; the rapist-killer Theodore Bagwell, commonly known as T-Bag, Bellick, FBI agent Mahone, Weasley and not to forget Lincoln (Scofield's brother whom we can associate LJ, his son). These characters have helped develop the twist and the excitement of the story. But I'm sure you guys, have you own bet of character aside from Scofield. Who for you then is the most appealing character and why? And what do you think will that character be able to contribute for the FINAL EPISODE of the series? (let's her your views and opinions about the series now...)
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@j47lee (742)
• Canada
4 Dec 08
Best character is Scofield.. he's the mastermind behind all the plans.. I lik season 1 best.... it is more interesting.. i watched upto season 3 and then lost interest..
• Philippines
9 Dec 08
hi there!yeah, me too...I just finished watching season 3 and never had the interest to continue watching season 4. Just like you, I lost my interest too. Nothing can really beat season 1. It was one of the best. Or maybe as always seen in series, first season always lasts compared to its sequels. The thrill is so good and the twist of the story is really one of a kind. And besides, it was the season that showed us how great Michael Scofield is. All his plans...from memorizing the Fox River Penitentiary layout to their escapes and the things that he used for the escape as well as his plans of proving himself a diabetic patient to Sarah by the use of Pugnac...Everything was Superb. As to the preceding season, the thrill just keeps on diminishing. Though, I find season 3 quite okay and superb comapred to season 2 but still nothing beats the first season for me. Happy mylotting!and see you around... :)
@chiwasaki (4661)
• Philippines
27 Sep 11
Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) really did a good job playing his role. Everyone likes him. But the character that appeals to me best is Theodore Bagwell and Alexander Mahone. T-bag is simply an interesting and fun character. Prison break won't be the same without him. Mahone is also intelligent and a true friend in the end.
@MadAnd (35)
• Romania
1 Jan 09
T-Bag is the most complex and fascinating character of them all. He's unbeliavable. How you hated him in the first episodes and after that you start loving him, as you understand him, empathize with him. The writers did a fabulous job with T-Bag. Another great character is Alex Mahone. William Fichtner is a great actor, the best on the show along with Robert Kneeper. I hated Mahomne in the second season. Now in the 4th I'm like... "where is Mahone??!!"
31 Dec 08
i like ms and t-bag
• India
9 Dec 08
ITS MICHAEL, SARAH, MAHONE N sucre! happy lottin n have a nice day