a chinese girl's impressions on korea

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South Korea
December 3, 2008 2:32am CST
I am a chinese girl.I have been in korean for about 43 days.My life in korea is full of happiness.Well,it is the first time that i go abroad.Therefore, i was very excited when i was on the plane.Soon,we arrived at the airport.Our school sent a man to pick us up,then we got on the car.On the way to school,i keep close eye on the scenery.Much to my disappiontment,korea is not as beautiful as it presented on the TV.It took about 3 hours to get to our school,so i was very tired when we arrived.Although we are in korea ,we have to wait 20 days until the class begins.I think that it does not matter that i can not speak korean,for i can speak english.But it is a mistake that speaking english can help you get though difficulties.Most korean can not speak english,the majority of them can only say some simple daily words.That they can not understand me makes me very disfrustrated.My fist impression on this country is that it has too much mountains,but all the mountains are covered with trees which make them appears very beautiful.Because of this ,i thought that every city in korea is almost the same that has been surrounded by mountains.This opion has been changed the first time i went to the capital of their country.It has many skyscrypers which looks very beautiful.And It is a international city .Some koreans treat chinese very well,some koreans on the contray dispise we chinese.But on the whole, korean people are are civilized.
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