Have you wondered about Attachment Parenting ?

United States
December 3, 2008 7:51am CST
Attachment Pareting is really an anciet stlye of parenting that has been researhed to prove that following this parenting style can lead to Healthy well balanced, confident, secure adults. Attachment paretning is a style of parenting that often includes; *Using researched based education for you to make informed choices about: *Pregnancy, Natrual Birth, www.givinbirthnaturally.com/natural-childbirth.html *Breasting feeding on cue and Child Lead Weaning(long term Breastfeeding), www.kellymom.com *delaying solids, *Emotional Responsivness, *A Family Bed (co-sleeping),www.naturalchild.com/james_mckenna/ *No Cirucmcision, www.nocirc.org *Limited or No Vaccines or natural immunizations, www.mercola.com/article/vaccines/references.htm *Baby wearing(slings) www.thebabywearer.com *Avoiding Frequent long term seperation for your baby, *Positive & Gentle Discpline, Peaceful Parenting or Mindful Parenting www.attachmentpareingdr.com/parenting.html and more. Anotehr wonderful site if www.mothering.com The beauty of is all is that each famiy can choose what aspects are best for them. There are many web site Play groups and support groups for AP families, some choose to include homeschooling and natrual living while others only choose a few aspects. There are many resources on line if you wnat to know more, or if you have a specific question, I would be happy to try and answer it. I have raised 5 Children in the Ap stlye and I am enjoying watching my 2 young grandsons being raised in a similar fashion. I have lead may breastfeeding and Attachment paring groups through the years and have learned a lot form other AP families.
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