i guess its over..

December 3, 2008 9:00am CST
i guess some of my friend here in mylot or member who answer from my previous discussion knows that i am a single parent. i have relationship from this girl and both of my kids know about us ad they have been good. the only problem exist and its very hard to understand is that his elder brother is against us. i have think more than 10 times as i can to give a better solution but i guess i have to end this relation. i cannot fight (for her even how much i love her) with them because i have my responsibility and i know there is more single(guy) out their that would love her a much as i could. its just that perhaps i don't have the right because i'm a single parent. i didn't force you to comment this, to read this would at least voice out that i need someone to listen.
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@williamjisir (22903)
• China
6 Dec 08
Hello mrbrownedeye. I have not answered your previous discussion as I have not read it yet, but I think that you have the right chase your happiness even though you are a single parent. I think that you should not give it up if you both love each other deeply in spite of her elder brother's being against you. You are the main hero in the love story of yours. I wish you every success of making it. Good luck and be persistent, friend.
@n30wing (4771)
• Philippines
5 Dec 08
My fiancee is a single mother she has 3 daughters that she love most, it was her three daughters who given her strength, to go on. Well she was telling me I have no regrets having them in this world. She was also telling me that she can't please everyone. If you love someone fight for it. She has her own mind, her own decision, her own life to make. Will you set it free, just because your a single dad. You have a life, even you have responsibilities obligations to your children. The question is why? All of us have consequences with our actions, and sometimes their is a sacrifice to face, but how about you, your life. My fiancee was telling me it's how deep would be my love for her. Sometimes she was even telling me it's kind a unfair for you. Still I am still near her, I don't care what people say, what is important is my love for her. When you love someone you show it you try to work it out. Your already there still you wanna set it free just for your children sake. Someday your children will have their own life to face. Would you just let it go? And just be alone just because of being a single dad. I think that is kind a unfair for your self. What if she decide to chose you then her family. Let her try to decide. If she chose her family then set it free. It's just my advice. God be with you! Advance Merry Christmas to you and your children.
@mariacel (50)
• Philippines
4 Dec 08
i don't judge anyone with regards to having a complicated relationshipo. but all i can say is that, you still have the right to love and be loved by a guy. being a single parent is not a hindrance in finding your right love and life time partner. i have friends who are single parents and yet they have good lives now with the man who truly loved them. in God's time, you'll find someone who will love and grow old with you and with your kids. keep the faith ... god bless!