i need help!!!

United States
December 3, 2008 1:20pm CST
ok ladies, here's the deal. i am sooooooooooo overweight.i desperately need help. i used to be a cute little size 9 slender, but now, i am a size 42 tank.HELP.i have tried everything,but the problem is , i am disabled and i have fibromialgia.now, i know you think i am making excuses, but i am really not.i am in constant pain.i do well to get up and go to work each day. but i cannot seem to find that certain something to peel my bones. so , if anyone has a secret recipe, please let me in on it. thanks for listening ,your friend, kuzzon1960
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• New Zealand
4 Dec 08
I suggest that you drink lots of tea. Especially chinese green teaand i mean lots of it. dostors wouldn't suggest that because it is not the healthiest way to go about losing weight. This tea make one go to the toilet alot hance all the bad stuff come out. You could also go to an indian shop and ask for "Safi". Safi means cleaning and it does what it says. Drink two tablespoons of Safi, and two hours later you will be going to the loo like a crazy manic. I suggest that you only take safi on the days when you are not going to work and if you are not planing to go out. Hope this helps and Good Luck. Happy mylotting helper
• United States
3 Dec 08
Ouch. I'm sorry hunni, I know how hard that must be on you. I have personally tried the South Beach diet... if you dont already know, its a diet that cuts your carbs. Some people say its bad for you, but thats Atkins you have to watch out for... its a lot stricter than south beach, and south beach gradually puts carbs back into your diet, but teaches how to separate the good for the bad. Both me and my mother tried this diet together, and I was surprised that it really worked! And I wasnt starving, lol. The best part is that I didnt start doing extra work outs or anything... just my normal daily activity and I still started to lose weight.