Xbox 360

United States
December 3, 2008 1:26pm CST
Did you know that you can get a core Xbox 360 system on ebay now for only $99.99? But eventhough they come with a 90 day warranty I still don't know if I would feel safe getting one of them. Xbox 360's are the worst systems when it comes to reliability. They overheat all the time! Everybody I know who has an Xbox 360 has had to send the darn thing back at least once.
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3 Dec 08
xbox 360 or playstation 3?
• United States
3 Dec 08
I'd rather have a Playstation 3 but they cost so much!
• Portugal
4 Dec 08
xbox is better for who wants spend less money and better games ps3 have a hard development also xbox is easy to flash and use copied games
@bayernfan (1430)
• Canada
11 Dec 08
In Canada, I have seen the XBOX 360 Arcade Console selling at Future Shop for as low as $169.99 new including 5 games. If you buy it from a store, at least you have a place to take it back to if anything goes wrong. Paying to ship something to an eBay seller who may or may not help you is expensive and risky.
@molloy (136)
4 Dec 08
i must say i own a 360 and i have not had one problem with it untill a few days ago. the problem i have is when i start it up it plays the sound but the picture doesnt come up. im thinking about sending it back to microsoft.
4 Dec 08
i just got an xbox core 360 and it was fine you should trust them i run a shop and if you want to talk about getting a cheap xbox or ps3 call me on 07798883163
3 Dec 08
Personally mate i reccomend that you get one in the shops, a new model of the 360 has come out with a new chipset etc, it has a new heat sink etc and means a highly unlikely chance of the overheat problem. If you want to look for this ask the store members to check the power cable to see if it has a 150 power usage.