What is out their?

United States
December 3, 2008 11:25pm CST
What goes beyond the milky way? is it more planets like us?? or nothing? what do you think? i think that their is other planets out their that have people like us! now they may not look like us but their are people out their! we cant be the only planet with life on it and if it is we are darn luck!! what is your opinion in it? gimmie your views
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4 Jan 09
personally i believe that there are other planets out there that have intelligent life, our sun (sol i believe) is but a single star in the huge mass within the milkyway, whats to stop any of the others having planets orbiting them?ontop of that just take a look at the hubble pictures of how many galaxies there are, each one full of stars each of which could be a sun to an inhabitable planet theres hundereds of reports upon ufo sightings and aliens is it rumours, truth?also how many people go missing globally each year.... where do they all go?=/its so vast and we are but a tiny speck on the edge of our galaxy there has to be other life out there
• India
4 Dec 08
Weel,,I me too agree with your view.I also think about this, There is also a chance for this.Sometimes our scientists may discover it in future.