My lovely PEPSI

December 4, 2008 1:37am CST
Thanks God, I finally find this part, since I like PEPSI so much that I would choose it as one of my intrests as long as I see it. However I didn't find this part before because I skipped this part when I chose my intrests. I should have to say that's really a pity. I can't remember when I started drinking PEPSI cola, but it must be a quite long time ago. 8 years ago or so(Don't think I am very old now, I am 21 now). I couldn't stop drinking it since I began, it's taste so good. Some friends of mine had talked about what's the difference between PEPSI cola and COCA-COLA. In my opinion, PEPSI tastes better but maybe a little bitter, just a little, while COCA-COLA tastes sweeter, that's the difference. I will keep my intrest in PEPSI and I hope more of you will like it.
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• Malaysia
4 Dec 08
Hi gxtiantian,i love to drink Pepsi very much too like you.I think that Pepsi is better than Coco-Cola.Pepsi don't contain so much gas like Coco-cola and coco-cola is so sweet and i don't like it.
• United States
4 Dec 08
aah i love Pepsi. its so wonderful lol! its the first thing i eat/drink when i get up in the morning, i actually open a can of pepsi before i eat anything or even have a cup of coffee, oddly enough. ive been drinking Pepsi for ages now, im 34 now and as a pipsqueak kid i was sneaking guzzles of Pepsi from whomever said i could have a "sip". so probably drinking it for roughly 30 years hahaha! i really dont like Coke though, its far too acidic for my stomach, just tears me up. personally ive always felt that Pepsi was the sweeter of the two, but i know the formula for both Pepsi and Coke is different depending on what country you are in.