Now, telecommunication tariffs of Indonesia is low, what are the benefits?

@wanris (141)
December 4, 2008 2:06am CST
Indonesia has many Telecommunication Providers, such as Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Axis, 3, and etc. Axis and 3 are new players at Indonesia's telecommunications sector. Each Telecommunication Provider has own promo to get customers. Telkomsel has "Nelpon Rp 0,5/detik Gak Ada batas" promo. Telkomsel's customers pay only IDR 0.3 a second to call to fellow colleagues Telkomsel. Indosat has "Per SMS Rp 0,1 seharian. Nikmati juga nelpon Rp 0,1 per detik sampe puas banget" promo. Indosat's customers pay only IDR 0.1 for sending one SMS. Indosat's customers also pay only IDR 0.1 a second to call to fellow colleagues Indosat. XL has "Bayar 1 menit Gratis Nelpon 17 jam" promo. If XL's customers make a call 1 minute, XL's customers get free of charge for making call until 17 hours. Axis has "Rp 1 / nelpon ke sesama Axis sabtu dan minggu. Rp 1 / SMS ke sesama Axis sabtu dan minggu" promo. Axis' customers pay only IDR 1 for 1 call at Saturday and Sunday if he/she call his/her fellow colleagues Axis. Axis' customers pay only IDR 1 for 1 SMS at Saturday and Sunday if he/she send SMS to his/her fellow colleagues Axis. They give low prices for their customers, both making a call and sending a SMS. Their prices give positive impact to Indonesia community, both urban community and rural community. Average, Urban community has mobile phones. They use their hand phones to make call, send SMS, and connect to internet. Before, some of them used their mobile phones only for sending SMS. Now, operators give low prices, almost of them use their mobile phone to make a call and to send SMS. They will more often use their mobile phone for calling their friends, families, and their colleagues that live in cities or in villages. Before Telecommunication Providers give low prices, a few of rural community has mobile phones. Now, after Telecommunication Providers give low prices, some of rural community buy mobile phone. Automatically, the number of rural community that has mobile phone increases. Why? because they can call their colleagues that lives in cities and villages cheaply. They can send SMS to their cilleagues to inform critical information. They don't need to pay high cost for calling or sending SMS to their colleagues. Today, All of community : urban and rural community, can consume telecommunication services. They can keep contact with their colleagues every where and every time. They can tell their stories to their colleagues. They can share/side with their colleagues. They also can connect to internet to update their knowledges, they pay only average IDR 1/kb. Now, there is no limit to communicate anyone. Communication can be done whenever and wherever. It is awesome and incredible, isn't it?
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• Pakistan
7 Dec 08
Same is happening in the Paksitan. There are lot of comapanies providing the network. Such as UFONE, Warid Telecomm, Mobilink, Zong, Paktel etc. The main reason of low prices of calls and sending message is due to competition between these companies. Every new company comes with a new package having low charges. So that is helping the and giving chance to use mobile phones. It is better for people but not for companies. I think they are hating to give ultra cheap packages to their customers
@inder86 (566)
• Gibraltar
6 Dec 08
yep in india over here too the tariff rates are also very low. now people of every class are enjoying mobile. even mobile sets are at very low price. have a nice day.
@joystick7 (730)
• India
5 Dec 08
I agree with you.. There was a time when incoming was also chargeable.. Any wrong number would make people at the receiving end furious ... I think with intense competition among the companies the consumers are makinglow price benifit and will see more benifit in future..