What is more important Money or Education?

December 4, 2008 4:04am CST
What is more important in life money or education? Now a days education is just used for better job.
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• Philippines
4 Dec 08
being a practical human being first i will choose the money, then the education
4 Dec 08
Education is more important, especially an education on making and managing money. If people were taught at a young age about compound interest and many other areas of managing money then people would definitely be better off.
@kekexinfeng (1303)
• China
4 Dec 08
I think both money and education is important,we have education to mke more money.but if we only have money,we will become ignorant,and we can't develop ourselves,however,they are go hand in hand,we have both,so we can make money.
• United Arab Emirates
4 Dec 08
I think education is more important when you are young, so you can get a good job, and won't have to worry that much about money when you are older. It is true. Education can give you a better job.