Do You Have 13TH Month Pay?? I Just Got Mine!!

December 4, 2008 8:05am CST
In the philippines, there was so caled the 13th month pay. Usually, it is given every december. The amount that you are going to get is depending on how long you have stayed in the company. I just don't know if other countries also practice this kind of incentives. I just got mine, this afternoon, I checked my account. I'm so happy regardless that it is only half of my salary. What about you? Did you get any 13th month pay this december?
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@3121ck (31)
• Indonesia
9 Dec 08
hi rberon nice to see you..there is also same in my country indonesia.ussualy the employe recive 13th payment at big day called "lebaran" and the other accept december to. and the amonunt is 100% from the salary or depend on the employee or the owner. some time my friends recived their payment until 5 times from his salary
@flojever (403)
• Philippines
6 Dec 08
Yes, I just did. I've actually withdrawn the whole amount. I paid the rent, buy groceries and get my computer repaired because I had missed myLot. The bonus was gone already :( I'll have to wait for the other bonus we've been promised, I hope it will be soon. How much do you make at myLot and other paying sites every month? If you make more than $100,then it's like having a bonus every month. I hope I can do that :)
@joystick7 (730)
• India
4 Dec 08
Thks for sharing... In India there is no such concept.. but we do get bonus salary during the month of November.. becoz of the Diwali festival which is celebrated here...
@syfarisk (378)
• Malaysia
4 Dec 08
Oh really? I come from Malaysia and there is no term called the 13th month pay here. But we do have end-of-year bonuses which employers give us based on our performance for that year. I think this the more common practice all over the world.
@marisriel (1157)
• Philippines
4 Dec 08
Wow, congratulations. I'm happy for you. But why only half of your salary. Shouldn't be a whole month pay without tax? I say that because when I was still working in a private telecommunication firm, I also get thirteenth month pay every November and that's a whole month salary without tax deduction. Well, I think it depends on every company. You still have a great reason to rejoice because you have a bigger budget now to buy things for Christmas and gifts for your loved ones.
• Philippines
4 Dec 08
Tomorrow I'm going to get mine yahoo!!! shopping galore here I come hehehe
@spoiled311 (5502)
• Philippines
4 Dec 08
hi rberon! well, i am not working for a company, but rather freelance, so that means no bonus nor 13th month pay for me. i am also from the philippines by the way. anyway, my husband just started working last month, november 1. and we were surprised that he did get a 13th month pay that is worth 2 months of work! so we are thankful. it is not much, but since it is not expected, we are very happy. hehe take care and God bless you! do enjoy your bonus! :-)