Do you use myhappyplanet? Do you think it will work or not?

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@kianli (546)
December 4, 2008 8:19am CST
Hey, it has been a long time since the last discussion i started. My friend told me a site called where you can be language partner with native speakers. I registered and tried it yesterday, i added some people and send messages but no reply so far. I guess it might be the timezone why i can't find any inbox messages. Is anyone here familiar with this site. Do you think it will work or not?
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@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
5 Dec 08
Happyplanet?? What is the site about?? I dunno anything about that site and have not even heard about it.. hehe ^_^ What makes u join that site in the 1st place and what is it that attracts u?? But i dun think it has got to do with the time zone difference, because when it's nightfall at your side, it might be morning or afternoon over at the other side ^_^ Maybe just wait for a day or two to see the results again ^_^
@kianli (546)
• China
7 Dec 08
This is an online community where you can find language partners, for example, i'm a native Chinese and i'm learning English right now and go to that site and find someone who is a native American who is currently interested in Chinese. And you can help each other. That's what this ite is about. My foreign teacher recommended this site to me so i registered there. I think you are right, most people don't go to that site regularly, it's really hard to find a partner who can be there to help you quite often. Thank you so much for the response. Have a nice day and enjoy mylotting ^-^
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