All Natural

December 4, 2008 10:03am CST
This is for everyone hence why it is in people. Well I guess it would be geared towards those who want to have kids or who have had kids. I was reading on a blog of this women who had her child the natural way. To spare you the gory details think of it like a puppy birth. Unassisted and all done by the mother. With the way today's medicine is would you want to do the natural birth. For you men would you want your wife or girlfriend to go at this without a hospital near by? More over ladies would you feel safe having your child unassisted? I guess what got me thinking is would we really all be fine if we just used our instincts and had our babies the natural way. Do you think we've relied to much on modern medicine for the birthing process? Me personally I'm a chicken and I'm marked for disaster lol. I wouldn't have a natural birth I'd head straight for the drugs and have a doctor someone who is used to seeing babies being born every day assist me. With my second child though I will be looking to go a 'more' natural way and do an underwater birth in my own home but again midwives and nurses will be there to assist after the baby is born. I'd rather have someone there then have to worry about something going wrong and having to rush him or her to the hospital. So what would you do?
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@luvandpower (2049)
• United States
4 Dec 08
I guess that is up to her ( guys whatever you do they are always right remember that :P)) I hear midwife is better ( in teh home I mean) but the hopital is less painful( well not as painful as naturally at home) so i guess if you just want to take the chance for planenta damage at the hospital or hell of pain at home.
• Canada
13 May 09
Hahah I love the guy statement :D My husband and I are now thinking about trying for children. I have already told him, I will be a moody sob so to be sure that he is nice and gives me many back rubs on top of agreeing with everything I say ;). We had a good chuckle at that.