bookmarking--probably not a new topic but.....

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December 4, 2008 10:48am CST
Okay, I'm pretty sure this has been discussed before somewhere, but what is everyone's take on bookmarking websites? If you use those sites i.e. reddit, digg, etc, which one do you all prefer? I don't use any but I just use my favorites on my computer to save sites that I look up and like to read on and put them into categories. Thoughts?? :D
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6 Dec 08
I normally use my browser to bookmark things and keep bookmarks, but my favorite "bookmarking" site would be Mister Wong and only because they have such an awesome name! But I also like posting links in facebook, in Yahoo Groups and I also keep a database of links, notes, and online material in Text Edit - which I use to post on my blog and for my freelance writing. I also sometimes share my links here on My Lot on my profile or on Associated Content - sorry I kind of got off topic there! I do that sometimes!