Do you find it hard to socialize with other people?

@annierose (3211)
December 4, 2008 6:25pm CST
It is unavoidable that we experience up and downs in our relationship with other people. But even if these happen, the feelings of satisfaction and security that we derive from interacting with other people outweigh some problems. For a number of people, specially the teenagers find socializing a persistent problem.Some are rejected by others. While some are ignored and neglected by other groups.It even appears that some people have many friends but nevertheless feel alone and unhappy. Do you find it hard to socialize with other people? If this were so, I think one should pause awhile and find out why he don't have friendships that he can treasure.For one thing, he may have missed out an opportunities to learn social skills that will be important throughout his life. Especially important are the skills needed to begin and maintain social relationships and to solve social conflicts. Teenagers who lack ongoing peer involvement may also miss opportunities to build a sense of social self-confidence. They may develop little faith in their own abilities to achieve socialization goals and thus, are easily affected by the normal conflicts in social interaction.Once this happens, they may be greatly affected in the future as they socialize with people of their own age.